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Business Data

The Dunhill International business database contains over 14 million businesses and 22 million executives. With our ListMagic© technology files are custom compiled to match a mailer's specific market profile that pin-points their exact target market. ListMagic© is an advanced process that merges multiple sources of business information to provide the most comprehensive database available anywhere.

Our business database includes important company information such as telephone number, sales volume, public or private ownership, SIC code (type of business), 100 different job titles or functions, fax numbers, latitude and longitude, zip code, mapping, number of employees, etc.

Our sources include yellow pages and business white pages, business directories, annual reports, corporate and executive registers, government data and public records. To ensure accuracy, the file is then put through a telephone verification process to update and obtain additional information. The business database is NCOA'd (National Change of Address) every 90 days, CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certified and backed by our deliverability guarantee.

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