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Consumer Data

The company supplies local and national mailing data of over 210 million consumers and 110 plus million households. With our ListMagic© technology files are custom compiled to match a mailer's specific market profile that pin-points their exact target market. ListMagic© is an advanced process that merges multiple sources of consumer information to provide the most comprehensive database available anywhere.

Additional selections include: political party; auto interest; donors; health; music; outdoor interests; travel; food and cooking; investments by type; ethnicity, hobbies, vacation interests, sports preferences, etc.

Cell phone numbers are provided for sophisticated marketers wanting to utilize a multi-channel program by combining postal direct mail, telemarketing and text messaging.

Our sources include white pages, real estate assessment records, surveys, state occupational data, credit cards, drivers' licenses, warranty data, credit bureaus and mail order data. The consumer database is NCOA'd (National Change of Address) every 90 days, CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certified and backed by our deliverability guarantee.

Selections for accurate targeting include demographics such as age, income, gender, type of dwelling, home value, presence/age of children, marital status and many other selections.

You can check out segmentation data, Prism/Cluster Definitions, search for datacards for our most popular data, or fill out the request form for detailed counts and prices based on your exact needs.

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