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Digital Display Advertising

Digital advertising targets prospects by displaying your banner ad on their personal devices, mobile phones, websites and social media. Market to your target audience wherever they are and keep them engaged with your banner ads placed on the websites they visit. We offer hundreds of demographic and lifestyle selections to pinpoint your precise buyer!

You are able to choose from a wide array of websites that offer advertising space to place your ad and you are even able to choose which sites you don't want your ad to be shown. In addition, choose the time of day to advertise and how often you will reach the same prospect.

Digital advertising is monitored and tracked by our experts on a daily basis so you know when your ad was clicked, what website it was clicked on and if that prospect fulfilled your goal (whether it is completing a form, downloading a white-paper, searching for more information or whatever your goal may be).

Weekly reports generated from the daily tracking alert you to how your campaign is performing. Based on the performance and trend analysis from the data, modifications are made to keep your ads on the higher performing sites and removed from the lower performing sites. Ad content, time of day and number of contacts per target may be modified as well.

For more information on how you can advertise using digital display and explore this cutting edge way to connect with prospects, follow this link to fill out a form or call us at 1-866-777-3737 ext. 6436 and ask for Greg D'Aquila in the Digital Marketing Division.

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